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Volume 24


Ninon P. Amertil. "Nurturing Faith in College Nursing Students."  pp. 001-020  PDF 151KB
Ralph M. Coupland. "A Proposal for Adventist Christian Education: From Rhetoric to Reality."  pp. 021-040  PDF 213KB
Merle E. Cozens. "Fostering the Self-esteem of Children with Reading Difficulties: A Christian Approach."  pp. 041-058  PDF 244KB
Delmer Davis. "Faith and Learning: The Approaches of Three Influential Adventist English Teachers."  pp. 059-079  PDF 233KB
Kevin C. de Berg. "Integrating Science and Scripture the Case of Robert Boyle  pp. 081-095  PDF 186KB
C. Garland Dulan, PhD. "Teaching Sociology: A Biblical-Christian Approach."  pp. 097-115  PDF 186KB
Carol Joy Fider. "Moral and Ethical Issues in The Scarlet Letter."  pp. 117-135  PDF 168KB
Meredith Jones Gray. "Faith and Learning at Battle Creek College."  p. 137

Ben A. Maguad. "A Total Quality Approach to Adventist Education."  pp. 157-176  PDF 113KB

Lionel Matthews. "Dimensions of the Integration of Faith and Learning: A Sociological Perspective."  pp. 177-196  PDF 132KB
Eva Pereira Nascimento. "The Ecological Crisis: Changing the Paradigm."  pp. 197-215  PDF 184KB
Anita Oliver, PhD. "Postmodern Thought and Adventist Education."  pp. 217-236  PDF 161KB
Marcos Paseggi. "Towards a Biblical Understanding of Literary Creativity."  pp. 237-255  PDF 253KB
Danilo P. Poblete. "A Reflective Teaching Model: An Adventist Assessment."  pp. 257-276  PDF 230KB
Judy H. Poblete. "Communicating Christian Values Through Teaching English as a Second Language: The Use of Poetry."  pp. 277-296  PDF 327KB
Pedro Tabuenca. "The Harmony Between Revelation and Science as the Foundation of Bioethical Education."  p. 297
Kay Traille. "Fostering a Learning Classroom climate: The role of the Christian Worldview."   p. ?
Oleg Zhigankov. "Teaching National History in the Context of the Biblical-Christian Worldview."  pp. 335-354  PDF 194KB
Ben Clausen. "An Adventist Approach to Earth Origins."  pp. 355-364  PDF 234KB
Harvey A. Elder, MD. "Integration of Faith and Learning: Theory and Practice - Part II."  pp. 381-401  PDF 209KB
Adrienne K. Kanondo. "The Language of Mathematics: A Bibical Perspective."  p. 403
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