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Volume 18


Selmon H. Dio. "Conveying Christ in the Classroom: Teacher's Attitudes and Behavior."   p. 001
Victor Dyman. "Training Adventist Ministers Through the Seminary Extension Program: The Euro-Asia Division as a Case Study."  p. 019
Prema Gaikwad, PhD. "Cooperative Learning: Setting the Stage for Faith and Learning in the Classroom."  pp. 039-062   PDF 217KB
Mohanraj Israel. "Learning by Experience: A Practical Traning Programme for Ministerial Students of Spicer Memorial College."  p. 063
C.K.G. Ashoka Kumara. "A Christian Preschool Curriculum in an Asian Context."  p. 083
Rodger F. Jones."Environmental Science Education in Seventh-day Adventist Colleges and Universities: A Model Program."  pp. 097-112  PDF 224KB
Harry Mayden. "Christian Administration: Relationships and Responsibilities."  p. 113
James B. Mbyirukira. "Fostering the Adventist Ethos in a University Campus: An African Perspective."  pp. 125-143  PDF 161KB
Priscilla Vijay Pilli. "Teaching Spiritual Values in the Physics Classroom."  p. 145
S. Rajendra Prasad. "Compounding Elements of Faith and Learning in the Chemistry Classroom."  p. 161
Kenneth Pradeep Swansi. "Marketing the Gospel in the Indian Bazaar."  p. 195

Mathaikutty Varghese. "Back to Genesis: Learning and Living According to God's Plan."   p. 213

Sumana Wickramarachachi. "Discipline in the Adventist School."  p. 229
Terrie Dopp Aamodt. "Face Values: Liberal Education's Imperative."  p. 245
G.H. Akers. "All Thy Children Shall Be Taught of the Lord."  p. 251
John T. Baldwin. "God, the Sparrow, and the Emerald Boa."  p. 257
Phil Basset. "Cooperative Learning."  p. 261
Leonard R. Brand. "Footprints in the Sands of Time."  p. 267
Ernest J. Bursey. "Service Learning in Adventist Colleges."  p. 273
Rich Carlson. "Working Smarter, Not Harder: Administrative Leadership Styles in Adventist Colleges."  p. 279
Jon A. Carstens. "Rembrandt: The Spiritual Journey of an Artist."  p. 285
Ben Clausen. "An Adventist Approach to Earth Origins."  p. 289
Benjamin Clausen. "Can a Scientist Also Be A Christian?"  p. 301
Ben Clausen. "Christianity and Science: An Adventist Perspective."  p. 305
Richard Davidson. "In the Beginning: How to Interpret Genesis 1."  p. 319
David Ekkens. "Animals and Humans: Are They Equal?"  p. 323
Dwain Ford. "You'll Never Make It Through Graduate School."  p. 327
Shirley Ann Freed. "Cooperative Learning: An Alternative to Lecturing in College."  p. 331
Donna J. Habenicht. "Have They Gotten the Message? How Children View Salvation."  pp. 335-339  PDF 151 KB
Elaine Kennedy. "The Search for Adam's Ancestors."  p. 341
J. Mailen Kootsey. "Understanding How Nature Works: Last Piece of the Puzzle?"   p. 347
Gary Land. "The Challenge of Post-Modernism."  p. 351
Duane C. McBride."The Sociological Imgagination and a Christian Worldview."  pp. 355-358  PDF 117KB
Shirley A. McGarrell."Literature: Bringing Pleasure and Value to Young Readers."  pp. 359-362  PDF 133KB
Scott Moncrieff. "Adventists and Fiction: Another Look."  p. 363
Melvin Niswander. "Theory and Practice Meet in an Academy Landscaping Program."  p. 367
Raymond Paden and James Wolfer. "Artificial Intelligence: Can Machines Think?"  p. 373
Humberto M. Rasi."Christians Versus Culture: Should We Love or Hate the World?"  pp. 377-380  PDF 162KB
Edison Samraj. "A Christian Approach to Hinduism: The Role of Adventist Schools in Southern Asia."  p. 381
Marco Terreros. "The Adventist Message and the Challenge of Evolution"  p. 401

Gerald R. Winslow."Christians and Bioethics: Can the Bible Help?"  pp. 405-408  PDF 126KB

Henry Zuill. "When Science and Religion Meet, How Do We Keep Faith?"  p. 409
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