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Volume 3


Bill Mundy."Comparison and Contrast of Scientific and Religious Paradigms and Their Use."  pp. 001-020  PDF 218KB
Gregory G. Rumsey. "A Christian Educator's Critique of Television Advertising."  021-039  PDF  180 KB
Sigbert L. Hohn. "Teaching Modern Languages from a Christian Perspective." p. 41
Dalton D. Baldwin. "Openness for Renewal Without Destructive Pluralism: The Delemma of Doctrinal Dissent."  061-081  PDF  343 KB
Edna Maye Loveless. "Creating Writing Assignments That Promote Perspective-Taking Skills."  083-100  PDF  179 KB
Gary Land. "Implications of the Christian Understanding of Human Nature for the Writing and Teaching of History."  101-120  PDF  230 KB
Arthur O. Coetzee. "Philosophical Shifts in Concepts of Truth Over Twenty Centuries."  p. 139  PDF  206 KB
A.L. Sinikka Woudenberg. "A Model for Integrating the Christian Faith and the Scientific Mind Set." pp. 161-178
Carol Dennis. "Integrative Influence of Work on Faith and Learning."  p. 179  
Marjorie Sczekan. "Caring for the Care-Givers Health Promotion or Nursing Students."  199-218  PDF  156 KB
Jacques Sauvagnat. "Implications for Christian Biology and Geology Teachers."  p. 219
Kenneth G. C. Newport, D. Phil. "The Seat of Authority: Reason and Revelation in Seventh-day Adventist Education."  231-248  PDF  138 KB
Knud L. Capion. "The Christian and Public Entertainment: An Adventist Perspective on Tertullian's Views." p. 249
Pietro E. Copiz. "Some Reflections on the Christian Scholar Facing Research."   p. 269


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